The Problem

Addiction and mass shootings are directly endangering more young people everyday. Our K-9’s sniff out drugs and firearms, giving parents and school administrators an early detection system. We provide you with proactive assurance that your home and children’s schools are safe, allowing you to rest easy and address the issues directly. 

Within Schools

Detection K-9’s are a proven early warning system and deterrent to narcotic and firearm activity. Locating a firearm or dangerous narcotics before they are used will always be safer than waiting for Law Enforcement to respond. With over 95% accuracy, our highly trained teams allow you to locate and address these dangers before a tragedy.  

Within Your Home

Let’s face it, if your child is struggling with drug addiction, you’ve lost sleep wondering if they have narcotics in the house. While K-9’s can’t solve the issue alone, recovery is based on trust and accountability. We provide you with accountability and peace of mind so you can focus on rebuilding trust and helping your family through this challenge.

What Can You Do?

 Contact us today to see exactly how you can begin to make a change. Give yourself the peace of mind that comes from having a plan and knowing that your home is drug free. We also work with addiction specialist in the community to help in all aspects of the recovery process. You can keep your family safe. We can help, call now and get ahead of the problem before losing your most valuable assets in a fight against addiction or mass violence, time and early detection.



Some of the statistics are staggering.


The Solutions

Unleashed Nation is a mission-driven organization aiming to make communities, schools, and businesses safer by taking a proactive approach. We utilize highly effective K9s to search schools and homes (Operation: EduK9), as well as businesses, rehabs and offshore rigs (Operation: CommercialK9) to keep narcotics, firearms and other contraband out of the wrong hands.