Who can Benefit

Unleashed Nation’s aim is to create safer communities by utilizing highly trained K-9’s to search for narcotics, firearms and dangerous contraband. As detection specialist, we help families effected by addiction, treatment centers on the front line of recovery, and schools to provide a safe solution to proactively deal with firearms and narcotics before a tragedy strikes. Early detection is the key to creating safer homes, businesses and schools for our community. 

Operation EduK9 is a mission to help families keep their children safe by providing proactive firearm and narcotic searches within schools.


Addiction has effected us all, if not directly than indirectly. Peace of mind and rebuilding trust are crucial to the recovery process. We provide immediate peace of mind. Knowing your home is a safe place for love and learning allows you to focus on what matters most, heeling and helping your family through this struggle. Our K-9 teams ensure a narcotic free environment for younger children and help you re-establish trust within your home. We know because we've been there and dealt with addiction among our own loved ones. Unleashed Nation was created to ensure no one feels as helpless in this struggle as we once did.


School shootings are at a crisis level in our country and on the rise. Our K-9's keep firearms out of school and allow you to take action before a tragedy. As former police officers, we know that law enforcement does the best they can, but can only react to an active shooter during the event. Our teams give you a proactive resource to stop the violence before it begins. K-9 teams are proven to reduce liability and provide an early alert system, while also being a highly effective deterrent to violence and narcotic use on campus. Be proactive and ensure your campus remains safe for our nations future leaders.

Operation CommercialK9 is a mission to help industrial and other companies focus on safety for their employees.


Now more than ever K-9 units need training that adheres to department policy and ever changing case law. Unleashed Nation has a unique approach to building effective K-9 units and was founded by elite operators with extensive kinetic experience in Law Enforcement, Military and Defense Contracting. Our experience also includes instructing U.S. Diplomatic Security K-9 teams in the Middle East and Anti-Poaching Rangers surrounding Kruger National Park. No matter your departments needs, we will work with you and your command to construct a selection and training program that ensures your teams are the safest most effective K-9's on the street.

Treatment Centers and Addiction Specialist

As an Addiction Counselor or Operations Manager of a Treatment Facility, you understand accountability and a structured environment is a major part of constructing a path to recovery. Our K-9 teams eliminate the need to have staff locating contraband and increase your effectiveness. Your success and the recovery of your clients is our top priority and we are here to help. We also offer after care programs to aid in accountability after the client has completed your program.