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One of the greatest obstacles facing addiction specialist and treatment centers is accountability and a safe environment, especially in the early stages of recovery. Our K-9 Teams eliminate the need for staff to search the grounds for contraband while also providing peace of mind and accountability for families when their loved one begins their new chapter of recovery at home.


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Unleashed Nation conducts regular or random K-9 searches on request. All searches are done discreetly and in the event of a K9 indication, we will mark the area with the company representative. At no time will the dog or handler team open personal or company property. We simply alert you to the presence of potential contraband, at that time it will be handled at the client’s discretion.

Additionally, we offer in home accountability for clients leading to greater structure and success with long term recovery. Call us today and see how we can help increase the safety and success of your facility.


Operation CommercialK9 is a mission by Unleashed Nation to help businesses and rehabs remain safe and follow proper protocols and keep out contraband and other drugs such as opioids.

Find out what it means to make your workplace safer, saving money on unnecessary accidents due to drug usage on work sites or within rehab facilities.



See some of the statistics showing some of the issues currently going on.


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It has been proven that drug tests can be falsified, employees can cheat on their tests or beat them if given enough notice of a test being done which means drug testing doesn’t discourage people from bringing drugs to the workplace. Regular k9 searches offer a more productive way to deter employees from using drugs during their shifts as well as find stashes hidden in the workplace. As a result, this offers a more accurate and proactive solution.

K9s are an efficient and effective solution to the ongoing drug problem in the workplace. With regular k9 searches, we can greatly reduce the crippling financial impact that industries endure from prescription drug misuse every year. The National Safety Council reported that estimated total loss of productivity throughout the United States due to prescription drug misuse is $25.6 billion to $53.4 billion. Source.

Yes, we can work with each business on customizing search dates, times, and patterns to increase chances of success.

Upon arrival, the K9 handler will make contact with a supervisor who will be accompanying him or her that day. The supervisor will provide the handler a the areas that they wish to be searched on that particular day. The handler will get his K9 from the vehicle and begin searching the areas desired. At no time will searches interfere with the workers. Each search will be well planned and organized to keep everything as discreet as possible.

After each search is conducted, a detailed report on what the dogs alerted on and where will be provided for your records.


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