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K-9 Selection and follow on training are the two most critical factors in creating an effective K-9 Unit. Too often selection is based on what dogs a vendor has available at the time and follow on training after the initial course is limited or lacking. Our first priority is the Officers that put their lives on the line every day. We make sure they are prepared for the task.

Our approach is based on pairing the right dog with the selected handler to ensure the bond and workability continues throughout the team’s career. Each of our dogs come with a one-year, monthly training program to ensure the team’s success long after the initial schooling is conducted. We work with you and your command to develop a custom training program for your department that directly meets your needs and goals. There is no such thing as maintenance training, your teams are either making progress or regressing.

Unleashed Nation was founded by elite operators and instructors with distinguished careers in Law Enforcement, Military and Defense Contracting. Call today and see how we can help you build and grow your program.

Through Operation CommercialK9's mission, Unleashed Nation also aims to help with public safety through means of providing K9s with tactical training to law enforcement and other entities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Law enforcement, military, defense contracting and private security are some of the arenas we focus on.

Each of our dogs comes with a one year maintenance program. We additionally offer monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual training either on-site at our Texas facility or on-site at the department.


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