The drug epidemic isn’t just “out there” anymore, it’s following our children home. If your child is struggling with addiction, we understand how frustrating and hopeless it can feel and want you to know there is a way through this. Our K-9’s can detect narcotics and provide peace of mind so you can focus on the problem at hand. Recovery is impossible without trust and accountability. While K-9 searches won’t fix the issue alone, when paired with addiction treatment, they can provide a much needed safety net that allows you to begin repairing relationships and re-establishing trust within your home.   



School shootings have reached a crisis level in America and gun related incident’s at school are increasing every year. Law Enforcement does everything within their power to respond and prevent further loss of life but nothing is more effective than locating the firearm before a mass shooting occurs. We don’t wait until tragedy strikes. Our K-9 teams are trained to sniff out firearms and prevent an attack before it can begin.


How it Works:  

All situations are unique. When you call, one of our experts will work with you to determine the best solution for the exact problem you are facing. We have dedicated our lives to helping as many people as we can with the unparalleled capabilities of a trained dog. These highly trained dogs are no longer reserved for law enforcement and government. We will Unleash their capabilities to help you!

Operation EduK9 is a mission by Unleashed Nation to help our children and keep drugs and firearms out of schools. Find out more about how this mission can help Parents & Families.

Be the key to preventing violence in schools and ensure your children have a safe environment to learn.


How You Can Help

We know as parents, you would do anything to keep your child safe, so start today and be a part of the change. We perform proactive searches within schools, but first, the schools need to choose this path for safety rather than a reactive approach. For the schools to be able to utilize these searches, it starts with you.


Spread the Word

Start by getting the word out to others who also care about the safety of the children.

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Creating a Fundraiser Event

Schedule a Demo at your next school event! Click Here to contact us, we can help organize the event.

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Talk to Administrators

School admins are the ones making this decision, but let them know you agree with it.

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Help with Obtaining Funds

We know some of the schools won’t have the funds. We can help with that too.

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Frequently asked Questions

For parents dealing with children using narcotics, is often an ongoing issue that becomes a battle for years. By having our K9 teams conduct random searches at your residence, it provides peace of mind that is priceless. All of our searches are discreet, therefore, if narcotics are found by our K9s, parents are able to confidently seek help for their child before it turns into something larger. The ultimate goal is to identify if there is a problem in your home and whether or not your child needs professional assistance. Its essential for parents and their children to build and maintain trust in a residence for their own sake and the sake of other children in the home.

Our company is mission-based and is considered an independent contractor. The state does not provide funding for services where K9s search for firearms and narcotics at school on an independent basis. Law enforcement does not have firearm searching K9s and do not conduct routine narcotic searches with K9s due to search and seizure laws and lack of manpower. By using our services, the school can take the necessary steps to proactively respond to the situation.

The biggest impact you can make is by talking more about the importance of an issue like this. Some of the places this can be done include speaking up at PTA meetings, creating petitions, helping to obtain donations, meeting with headmasters and principals, and hosting events involving parents and children to further spread the word. We can also assist with fundraisers to help raise the funds for your school. Contact us to learn more.

** One in five parents do not intervene with their child about suspicion of drug usage due to fear**

  • Bad grades
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Laughing for no reason
  • Loss of interest in activities
  • Poor hygiene
  • Diminished personal appearance
  • Avoiding eye contact
  • Frequent hunger or “munchies”
  • Smell of smoke on breath or clothes
  • Secretive behavior
  • Unusual tiredness
  • Missing curfew


What You Need to know

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